TELL YOUR STORY MANUAL–The Tell Your Story Manual allows you to create your own Mourning Story from wherever you live, on your schedule.  It includes training resources, virtual coaching, access to a library of sample videos, and more. - $100


CONSULTATION & MULTIPLE CAMERA – You will schedule a time to sit down with a Mourning Story Counselor to meet and write your script. Then you will schedule a recording session with a videographer - $500


SINGLE-CAMERA IN PERSON–You will be granted access to the Mourning Story Client Portal which will help you develop your own script. Then you will schedule your single-camera recording with a videographer. - $300





CUSTOM MOURNING STORY– 10-15 minute film that is customized to you. We work with a number of extremely talented producers and videographers that would love to make your vision a reality - $1200 and up




MILITARY MOURNING STORY– First of all, we would like to thank you for your service. As veterans ourselves, we understand first-hand the fear and anxiety a deployment can bring and want to help you as much as we can. If you are deploying or going TDY into a combat zone you are invited to complete a Mourning Story free of charge.



CHURCH PARTNERSOur goal is to partner with churches around the world to build a network of positive influence and change. We want to bring focus and intention on eternal life to your congregation. 


If your church is interested in partnering with Mourning Story for a sermon series, small groups,

or adult sunday school please contact us for more information.


Why should I create a Mourning Story video?

None of us know which day on earth will be our last.  Creating a Mourning Story video ensures that important final words are not left unsaid.  We all have the desire to tell our loved ones how much we care for them; to offer words of gratitude, forgiveness and hope.  Mourning Story is a service that allows you to preserve these words and share your most deeply held convictions.  One of Mourning Story’s first clients was a woman named Barb who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  After recording her video she said “I feel so much better knowing that I have said what I need to say.”

Who should make a Mourning Story video?

Everyone!  It is our hope that creating a funeral video message will become a part of end-of-life preparation for people of all ages and backgrounds - similar to creating a will and being thoughtful in estate planning.  


When should I make a video?

Most of us avoid thinking about our own death or the passing of a loved one.  That is one of the missions of Mourning Story: to remove the stigma of death by remembering that it is simply a transition from one life to the next.  We encourage our clients to make their video sooner rather than later.  Mourning Story videos can be updated later in life, similar to how you would update a will.  We also suggest you encourage loved ones to record their video before mental or physical deterioration make it difficult to preserve their memory and capture their most treasured words.

Do I have to be a Christian to record a Mourning Story?

No.  Mourning Story is a service open to people of every background.  That being said, Mourning Story was founded with the intention that those who believe in the good news of Jesus Christ do not have to fear death and can help their mourners think about the morning of eternal life.  If this is not your worldview, that’s ok.  Mourning Story can be used as a resource for you to share words of love and gratitude to your family members.  

Where do my donations go?

Mourning Story is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Any fees associated with creating a video only cover a portion of the cost involved in creating the product.  The rest is subsidized through generous donations from the surrounding community. Your dollars help us keep the price point of Mourning Story videos as low as possible and offer scholarships for those with financial limitations.  The long term goal of Mourning Story is to provide our services free for all deploying soldiers.

How do I receive my video?

All videos shot in studio will be stored in a secure Mourning Story cloud and sent to you electronically.  You will also receive a USB drive containing your video.  It is then your responsibility to give a copy to anyone you believe should have it (family member, estate planner, pastor, etc.)

What Mourning Story is NOT

Mourning Story is not to be used as a suicide note.  If you feel overwhelmed by this life we would love to connect you with skilled pastors and counselors who can walk alongside you and provide you with encouragement and resources.