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Mourning Story helps people facing their own death create a video message of hope to be shown at their funeral and shared with their loved ones. 

What is a Mourning Story?

A Mourning Story is a personal video message you can make to show at your own funeral to comfort those left behind with a personal greeting and with the hope of the Gospel.

How do I make a Mourning Story video?

Mourning Story has developed a powerful tool to help share hope and comfort with those you love. Our Mourning Story App lets you use your smartphone or tablet to film your video from the comfort of your home. The app also includes highly-intuitive, simple software that helps you edit, include music and text, complete, and share your very own Mourning Story video. Download the app at the links below:


Why is a Mourning Story valuable?

A Mourning Story brings incredible value in two ways. 


First, creating a Mourning Story video is an important process for someone facing death. Death can be scary and uncertain, but facing death with forthright honestly can be extremely helpful and cathartic. Furthermore, those facing death are often more worried about the people they are leaving behind than they are about their own health or safety. Filming a Mourning Story gives you the confidence that you have completed the important task of sharing what is most important to you with those you love the most, even after you’re gone.


And that is precisely the second piece of incredible value: a Mourning Story is a powerful way to comfort those you have left behind. Likely, you have already made thoughtful arrangements around wills, insurance, and other logistical matters in case of your death. While all of those are responsible things to do, what matters most to those you love By filming a Mourning Story and sharing your heart and hope with your loved ones (that they can watch over and over again), you are leaving behind more than assets; you are gifting them a personal, hope-filled message that they will keep and cherish forever.

Who should make a Mourning Story video?

Since death is a reality for every person everywhere, there is no one for whom making a Mourning Story video would be a bad idea. That said, it is most helpful for those who are in a position to have an acute awareness of their own possible death, whether because of advanced age, a terminal diagnosis, or a dangerous military deployment (to name a few). In sincere honesty, we believe that all people - and especially all followers of Jesus Christ - would gain value from making a Mourning Story video as a reminder to live today as if there were no tomorrow, because no one has promised you tomorrow.

What should I say in my Mourning Story?

The most important thing is to be the real, authentic you! There is really no wrong way to make a Mourning Story video as long as you are sharing your heart with your loved ones. That said, at Mourning story, we recommend that your video contains five basic sections: 

-Introduction and welcome 

-Gratitude and blessings

-Forgiveness (asking and offering)

-Your hope after death

-Invitation for guests to consider eternity

Morning is coming. Tell your story.

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